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Washington State Non-Medicaid Services
In the North Sound Region

State-Only Funds are used by the North Sound Mental Health Administration (NSMHA) to provide a variety of outpatient and inpatient services.  These services are limited based on the availability of state funds and are not covered by Medicaid funding.  If you have questions regarding any of these Non-Medicaid Services, ask your case manager or counselor or call a NSMHA Care Manager at 800.684.3555.  State-Only Funded (Non-Medicaid Services) services include the following:

  1. Crisis Services
    State-Only funds provide for 24-hour crisis line services, crisis outreach services and crisis stabilization services.  Individuals with incomes above the federal poverty level are charged a fee for outreach crisis services.
  2. Access & Authorization
    State-Only funds provide for region-wide centralized access to inpatient and outpatient crisis services through toll-free phone numbers.  This includes 24-hour authorization for inpatient services.
  3. Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital costs for low income people without Medicaid  
    State-Only Funds provide for voluntary and involuntary hospitalizations for low income individuals.
  4. Evaluation & Treatment Centers (E & T)
    State-Only funds provide for involuntary treatment at these freestanding inpatient psychiatric facilities for low income people.  Room and board costs are paid for both low-income people without other benefits and for people with Medicaid benefits.
  5. Involuntary Treatment Services
    State-Only funds provide for Involuntary Treatment Investigations and development of necessary legal documents.
  6. Ombuds Services
    State-Only funds provide for advocacy for consumers and other individuals who have complaints, grievances and appeals regarding the public mental health system within the Region.
  7. Jail Transition Services
    State-Only funds provide for screenings in jail, referrals for going services when discharging from jail, and transition mental health services for up to three months upon discharge from jail
  8. Residential Room and Board Costs
    State-Only Funds pay a portion of 24-hour staffed residential facilitiesí room and board costs for residents with mental illness.  Individuals living in these facilities are also charge a participation fee for a portion of room and board costs.  24-hour mental health residential facilities are located in Edmonds, Everett, and Bellingham.
  9. Medicaid Personal Care
    State-Only Funds provide for intensive daily living supports in a consumerís own home or in group home.  To qualify for these supports, an individual must meet criteria in a Comprehensive Assessment  (CA) conducted by Home and Community of Services of the Department of Social and Health Services and be approved by NSMHA.  These daily living skills supports must be unmet by other systems or the mental health system to qualify.
  10. Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)
    State-Only Funds support the fidelity PACT programs in Snohomish and Whatcom Counties.  These are highly intensive community mental health services provided by a team of mental health professionals with a limited caseload and are designed for individuals who have been frequently psychiatrically hospitalized.  Individuals must meet the requirements of the state fidelity standards and NSMHA priorities to be eligible for this program.
  11. Clubhouses
    Clubhouses are consumer-driven rehabilitative services focusing on empowering mental health consumer in their recovery and in obtaining competitive employment.  State-Only Funds provide for Clubhouse Services for low income people without Medicaid and for services for people with Medicaid that Medicaid benefits do not cover.   Clubhouses are located in Bellingham and Everett.
  12. Drop-In Centers
    Drop-In Centers provide engagement and socialization services for people with mental illness.  These services aim to support individuals entering into mental health and recovery services more intensively.  Drop-in Centers are provided for low income individuals with and without Medicaid.  Drop-In Centers are located in Bellingham, Everett, and Mount Vernon.
  13. Flex Funds
    Flex Funds are specialized funds designed to meet emergent or unique situations where small amounts of funding can avoid a more serious mental health crisis or support recovery.  Flex funds are utilized for such things as emergency medication when no other funds are available, payment of rental or damage deposits on housing when no other funds are available, and payment for summer camp for children.
  14. Outpatient Services to prioritized low-income populations
    Outpatient services are provided to a limited number of individuals without Medicaid eligibility discharging from community hospitals, Evaluation and Treatment Centers, crisis triage/crisis respite beds and jails.  These outpatient services are available to people whose incomes are up to 250% of the Federal Poverty level and meet the State-wide Access to Care Standards.  They are intended to last up to a year so that people can either recover from their illness or qualify for Medicaid.   There is only a limited amount of funding available for these services and they are allocated to counties based on their populations and assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis each month. These services are limited based on the availability of state funds and thus will be increased or decreased depending on the availability of resources.
  15. Skagit County Fidelity Wraparound Services
    The North Sound Region has received a demonstration grant from the State of Washington to provide high fidelity wraparound services to ten low-income children and families in Skagit County that do not qualify for Medicaid or do not meet the mental health State-wide Access to Care Standards.



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