Directory Structure

Within your agency's SFTP folder, you should see two folders; 'Inbound' and 'Outbound'.  Inside each of those folders would be two folders named 'Production' and 'Test'. Use the following table to guide where to get/put files.

File Direction Production Test
Agency -> North Sound BHO Inbound\Production Inbound\Test
North Sound BHO -> Agency Outbound\Production Outbound\Test

Inbound Files

Inbound files are files that an agency is submitting to NSMHA for production or testing purposes. Files put in the Inbound\Production folder need to finish uploading by 10:30pm to be included with nightly processing. Files placed in the Inbound\Test directories will need to be followed up with an email to IS/IT Administrator to process.

Outbound Files

Files will be placed in the Outbound\Production automatically a couple times a day. Batch processing reports and Data Extract files for files processed overnight are typically available by 10:00am. Any HIPAA 278 Authorization Response files will be posted to the respective Outbound\Production folder by 6:00pm