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Is it true that having benefits like SSI or SSDI can give me an advantage in getting a job?

If you are thinking that you would like to work your way up to full time employment you might look into the Ticket to Work program. Every person who receives SSI or SSDI receives an actual "ticket" that can be taken to DVR or another Vocational Service that will develop a plan with you for finding and keeping work. With the ticket you can get long term support (2 years, perhaps more). During this time, your eligibility for SSI or SSDI cannot be reviewed. Also, if the symptoms of your disability prevent you from working you will be able to get back on the SSI or SSDI immediately while your new claim is reviewed. To get an overview of the program go to: http://www.choosework.net/

There are other ways your benefits give you an advantage when you are looking for work. For instance, you might be able to keep on receiving some part of your SSI or SSDI to pay for special assistance or equipment you must have in order to work if you need the equipment or assistance because of your disability. You may be able to keep receiving Medicaid even if you no stop receiving SSI or SSDI. To learn more about these programs look at the Federal Government’s Red Book which you can find at: http://ssa.gov/redbook/

If you receive SSI, TANF, food stamps (SNAP), are a veteran, or get a job through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation your new employer may be able to get a tax credit for hiring you. A tax credit is as good as cash to an employer. If you go to http://www.doleta.gov/business/Incentives/opptax/PDF/WOTC_Fact_Sheet.pdf you can read about 9 different ways that an employer might be able to get a tax credit for hiring you.

If you receive SSI and have work-related expenses you might be able to keep even more of your SSI so that you can pay those expenses. You could pay for education or training, pay for a supported employmetn service and a job coach, or pay for an aid to help you get ready to go to work in the morning. You do this by creating a "PASS" plan. To learn more about PASS plans go to: http://www.ilr.cornell.edu/edi/pass/

http://community-minded.org/plan-to-work This website helps SSI/SSDI beneficiaries understand and access Social Security work incentives, as well as other state and federal benefits.



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