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Where can I get help starting back to work while recovering from a mental illness?

At http://www.thefsagroup.com/CMHA/pdfLib/CMHA-30028_EN2.pdf you will find a free workbook for people who are thinking about or planning to return to work. The book discusses some advantages and roadblocks to going to work as well as information on job hunting and keeping a job after you have gotten.

At http://www.cmha.ca/data/1/rec_docs/3226_CMHA_hangin_in_there_EN.pdf another book entitled "Hangin' in There" provides some ideas on how to keep a job once you have gotten it.

You may need special accommodations in order to be successful at work due to the symptoms you experience. One place to get consultation around adaptations is through the Job Accommodations Network (JAN). JAN’s website says:

JAN provides free consulting services for individuals with physical or intellectual limitations that affect employment. Services include one-on-one consultation about job accommodation ideas, requesting and negotiating accommodations, and rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related laws. Although JAN does not help individuals find employment, JAN does provide information for job seekers.

JAN’s website is http://askjan.org/indiv/index.htm.

Another source of help with worksite accommodations is your local office of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). You can find the address and phone number of the DVR office nearest to you by going to the following website and entering your zip code: www.dshs.wa.gov/dvr/ContactUs/DVROffices.aspx. But please note, if you are receiving mental health services, talk with your case manager or therapist first about giving you a referral to DVR. This will make the process go faster.



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