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Are there some strategies that will help me succeed at work?

This page of a website from Boston University discusses some common ways that a mental illness can interfere with work and some strategies to overcome those impediments. www.bu.edu/cpr/jobschool/functemp.htm

The Canadian Mental Health Association has produced two books on strategies for recovery and success at work. They present some practical approaches to dealing with general job challenges and with specific situations such as disclosing information about having a mental illness. The 2 books are "Bouncing Back: How Workplace Resiliency Can Work for You" and "Hangin' in There: Job Retention by Persons with a Psychiatric Disability". The books can be downloaded for free at:

http://www.thefsagroup.com/CMHA/pdfLib/11331E%20BrochureResilience-FIN.pdf (Bouncing Back)

http://www.thefsagroup.com/CMHA/pdfLib/CMHA_hangin_in_there_EN.pdf (Hangin' in There)

If you receive SSI and have work-related expenses you might be able to keep even more of your SSI so that you can pay those expenses. You could pay for education or training, pay for a supported employmetn service and a job coach, or pay for an aid to help you get ready to go to work in the morning. You do this by creating a "PASS" plan. To learn more about PASS plans go to: http://www.ilr.cornell.edu/edi/pass/



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